"You Do the Crime, You Do the Time (or Not)": The Criminal Process for White
Collar Defendants

October 16, 2013 6:30 PM

Sullivan & Cromwell
125 Broad Street
Host: Steve Ehrenberg

Hon. Richard Sullivan, Steve Tugander, Harry Sandick and Diana

Cocktails: 5:30pm
Program: 6:30pm - 8:00pm

Learn about the experience of a white-collar defendant passing through the
key stages of the federal criminal process including bail hearings, trial
preparation, plea negotiations, sentencing, and confinement. Understand
the challenges faced by defense attorneys, prosecutors, and judges as well
as defendants. Discover perhaps surprising differences from the
experiences of "blue-collar" defendants and whether the "country club"
prison is myth or reality!
CLE Hours: 1.50

Program Outline

  1. Rule 10b-5
  2. SDNY Proffer
  3. 18 USC 3141
  4. 18 USC 3142
  5. 18 USC 3143
  6. Banki
  7. Caplin and Drysdale
  8. Bonventre
  9. Kaley CA11
  10. Kaley Question Presented
  11. Booker
  12. Gall
  13. Kimbrough
  14. Cavera
  15. BOP Psych Programs
  16. Otisville Handbook
  17. Otisville Camp Handbook
  18. Otisville Comissary
  19. Otisville Visiting Hours