Asylum at a Time of Closing Borders; the Intersection of Law and Politics

Our May 19th program, Asylum at a Time of Closing Borders; the Intersection of Law and Politics, will take you on the journey of Maria Jarama, a fictional victim of domestic violence, as she seeks asylum in the U.S. We will begin when she meets a Notaria, a woman who speaks her language and claims expertise in immigration law. Along the way, Maria will eventually be lucky enough to obtain the services of extremely competent pro bono counsel, who raise sufficiently persuasive arguments that her case will, in our final scene, be debated by the Attorney General and representatives from the White House Counsel's office and the State Department.

DATE: May 19, 2011

TIME: Cocktails at 5:30; program begins at 6:30

LOCATION: Proskauer's new offices, at Eleven Times Square (8th Ave at 41st St).

Program Materials

Table of Contents 
Judge by Judge Denial Rates
1 - 65 Fed Reg 76121-Asylum Procedures
2 - Form i-589
3- Definition-Refugee-Persecution-Eligibiity-31aug10
4 - Well-Founded-Fear-31aug10
5 - Nexus-the-Five-Protected-Characteristics-31aug10
6 - Burden-of-Proof-Standards-Proof-Evidence-31aug01
7 - Female-Asylum-Applicants-Gender-Related-Claims-31aug10
8 - Redacted DHS brief on PSG_Matter_Of_LR
9 - dhs_brief_ra
10 - ag_mukasey_ra_order_sept2008
11 - ag_ra_order_1-05
12 - ag_ra_order_Jan_2001
13 - ra_9cir_stay
14 - ra_congress_ltr_reno_1999
15 - BIA_Decision_Matter_Of_RA
16 - Shannon_November_2009
17 - Brennan_November_2009