Fast Times at Ruth Bader Ginsburg High (Musical)

Date/Time: Wednesday, June 13 2018 at  05:30 pm

Location: Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP, 825 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY

The Notorious RBG. She is inspiration-or so that internet picture with a funny caption told me. But why is she so inspiring? Come along for a tale of a high school that falls in love with Our Lady Ruth, learns about her life and her life's work, and rebels against a principal dead-set on keeping the name of the high school as is (named for William Howard Taft, of course!). There will be laughs, there will be music, there will be drinks-and there will be 1.5 credit hours of CLE! RBG has captured the current cultural zeitgeist… and our hearts. Give us an evening and she'll capture yours as well.


CLE Materials List

Collective Cases

Citizens United v. F.E.C., 130 S.Ct. 876 (2010)

Frontiero v. Richardson - Oral Argument, January 17, 1973

William Howard Taft, Britannica Online Encylopedia