Wednesday, April 28 2021, Cybersecurity

06:30 pm 

Please join us for a CLE focused on the American Consumer Privacy Regulatory Revolution. We are honored to have two highly distinguished guest speakers join us for this important discussion, Mr. Andrew Yang and NY Assemblymember Dan Quart. We will be examining the roots and passage of the CCPA and the CPRA, speaking with Mr. Andrew Yang, who helped to lead the effort to get the CPRA passed. We will be discussing the goals and challenges in getting the law passed, how this has influenced other states privacy laws, and what’s next on the privacy frontier. Then we will turn our attention to New York, speaking with Assemblymember Dan Quart, discussing the established privacy laws in NY and the goals behind the proposed New York Privacy Act. We will also explore how NY approaches privacy, how data security fits into the picture and what are the next challenge to be tackled for the future of privacy and data security. We will then bring it all together, discussing newly enacted privacy laws, such as Virginia’s, the current climate for a federal privacy law, including an examination of national security issues that could affect a federal bill, and how NY law influences federal law.

Program Materials