As the Oregon Legislature Turns

The Oregon Legislature adjourned on June 26, 2021, after having taken affirmative action on over 683 bills. Governor Brown signed 669 of those bills into law, signed 10 more with clarification letters, vetoed three outright and issued a line-item veto on one.  Pupilage Group's CLEs will be inspired by that legislative session. Some of the topic areas from which pupilage groups might draw inspiration:

  • Police Reform Legislation
  • Climate Chage Legislation
  • “The Kicker”
  • Healthcare Reform Legislation
  • Covid & the Courts’ Authority (Civil / Family Law Legislative Fixes – Temp/Perm)
  • Covid & the Courts’ Authority (Criminal Law Legislative Fixes – Temp/Perm)
  • Insurance Legislative Reform
  • Expulsion of Legislator(s)
  • Oregon Redistricting
  • Dismantling Institutional Racism Legislation
  • Relief (Pandemic / Wildfire) Legislation
  • Tort Reform Legislation
  • Expunction Overhaul Legislation
  • Affordable Housing Legislation
  • Education Reform Legislation
  • Conviction Reconsideration Legislation