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If you would like to apply for membership to the Inn, please complete the form below and email it to our membership co-chairs: Kristen Tranetzki ( and Sam Zeigler (

2023-2024 New Member Application - Including Pupils


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Account Access

If you are a Solomon Inn member, but you do not remember how to access your Inn membership account: review this handout: Accessing my AIC Account

Membership Categories


Masters of the Bench: At least 15 years practice     

Barristers:                   5+ years

Associates:                  0 to 5 years

Pupils:                          Law students

Emeritus & Honorary Members:        Retired practitioners or otherwise designated by EC

The Inn is a great place to make new professional connections and friends. In addition to connecting to the friends within the Inn, we encourage you to reach out to new and different people, particularly across membership categories.

Applications for Membership

The pandemic has continued to throw our application process into a bit of chaos. When we return to “normal,” applications for membership (whether new or for renewal) are, ideally, submitted by early June, along with payment of dues in full. We do not want finances to be an impediment to membership, but we can only accommodate a limited number of people paying on a delayed schedule, so people are encouraged to reach out to the Treasurer if making a payment in full will be an issue. (See also Marc D. Blackman Grant section below.)

Applications (whether new or renewal) are considered on a rolling basis. Traditionally, we have been able to accommodate qualified applicants who submit applications late in the process. However, you should anticipate that the Executive Committee is working to finalize the roster as early as possible and that if you delay submitting your renewal application, you might find yourself on the outside looking in.

We also ask that before you submit a renewal application you take a moment to reflect on whether you were a “good” Inn member during the past year. Did you show up? Did you stay in touch with your pupilage group? (Could they pick you out of a line-up?) If you were not a good Inn-mate, was it a fluke or are the disruptions likely to continue into the next year? We all know that our profession, and our lives, can be unpredictable. Our Inn functions best, however, when people who know—heading into the year—that their schedule is not going to permit meaningful participation self-identify and take off a year.

Marc D. Blackman Grant

Our Inn has created a grant fund to honor founding member and former Inn President Marc D. Blackman (1947-2014). Following a clerkship with Chief Justice Kenneth O’Connell of the Oregon Supreme Court, Marc became an Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Oregon. In 1977, Marc founded what would become known as Ransom Blackman LLP. He specialized in criminal defense for the next 36 years. Marc devoted his professional life to seeking justice and assuring access to justice for everyone. He was known for his public service work, for his dedication to his clients, and for his genuine modesty. Marc cared deeply about advancing the goals of the Gus J. Solomon Inn of Court.

The so-called Blackman Grant is something we have tried to work into our budget to offer a discount to members of the Bar who have demonstrated commitment to public service in the practice of law (e.g. public defender, legal services, civil rights law) and whose means are such that paying regular dues would be difficult. Depending on the qualified applicants, the discount may vary in amount as the Executive Committee may elect to offer multiple qualified applicants a reduced membership, rather than one applicant a free membership. Even if you do not qualify for the discount, please consider whether you know someone you’d like to encourage to apply. Applications for future grants will generally be due no later than August of each year. We do NOT publicize who receives this discount.

AIC Diversity Policy

The American Inns of Court Embraces and Encourages Diversity and Inclusiveness.

More than just an organization, the American Inns of Court is the embodiment of an ideal. We are dedicated to upholding the standards of the legal profession, to practicing law with dignity and respect, and to encouraging respect for our system of justice. Achieving a higher level of excellence and developing a deeper sense of professionalism occur only with an abiding commitment to the goals of diversity and inclusiveness.

The American Inns of Court firmly believes that personal diversity in all its aspects is essential to our ability to accomplish our mission. Diversity embodies all those differences that make us unique individuals and includes people of different race, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, gender, religion, age, personal style, appearance, physical ability as well as people of diverse opinions, perspectives, lifestyles, ideas and thinking. We value the differences in views and perspectives and the varied ex­periences that are part of a diverse membership. Diversity enriches and broadens our membership, which in turn leads to more creative and meaningful programs.

For the same reasons, the American Inns of Court values professional diversity. Legal profession­als and law school faculty, administrators, and students, from all disciplines, from all practice types, from both the public and private sectors, from all economic strata, and from the least experienced to the most seasoned are vital to maximizing the Inn experience. Only by drawing and retaining a diverse membership will we guarantee the success of our unique organization as well as our respec­tive professional pursuits. Therefore, the American Inns of Court are committed to creating and maintaining a culture that promotes and supports diversity not only throughout our organization, but in our profession as well.