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Moller/Foltz Inn Program Library and Written Materials

2018-2019 (Current Year) Materials

January 2019:  SCOTUS Update

2017-2018 Materials

February 2018:  How Would You Rule; Forced Vesting

January 2018:    First Day Orders

2016-2017 Materials

April 2017:   Mediation
November 2016:  Structured Dismissals.  List of Cases.
October 2016:  Bill Rochelle

2015-2016 Materials

Breakfast With The Bench

Team Six:

Tia Carrere
William Fox
Teresa Guidice
Joe Guidice
Marjorie Margolies
Casey Anthony
Lynn Redgrave 

Team Five:

Legal and Ethical Issues Arising in Law Firm Bankruptcy Cases 

Team Four:

Main Presentation
Mineral Contractor's Lien Script
Power Point Presentation
Mineral Lien Checklist 
Practice Tips on Minimizing Counterparty Bankruptcy Risk

Team One:

  Ethics Jeopardy 

2014-2015 Materials

Team Seven:

Admitting Summaries

Team Five:

Updating Your Appeal

Team Four:

Wellness International v. Sharif
Galaz v. Galaz
Other Supreme Court Cases
Fifth Circuit Cases
The "Baseball Trilogy" of Cases on Constitutional Court Power

Team One:

Belly Up To The Bar:  A Comparison of British and American Advocacy
Skeleton Brief Guide
Skeleton Argument:  Sphinx Group
Barristers vs. Solicitors

2013-2014 Materials

Team Four

Team Five: 
Waxahachie Opinion 
Waxahachie Petition 
Waxahachie Response 
Executive Benefits Opinion 
Executive Benefits Transcript 

Team Two:  Part One Two

2012-2013 Materials

Team Four
Team Five:  Part One Two Three Four Five Six
Team Six

2011-2012 Materials

Team One
Team Two
Team Four
Team Five

American Inns of Court Program Library

Moller/Foltz Inn Documents

Moller/Foltz Inn Charter
Moller/Foltz Inn Bylaws
American Inns of Court Diversity Policy
2013 Membership Satisfaction Survey Results
Program Evaluation Form
Program Submission Form
2013 Platinum Distinction Certificate
2015-2016 Platinum Distinction Certificate
Letter from Chief Judge Stewart to Travis Torrence