The Inn's October 2015 meeting began with a presentation on mentoring; the importance of and the opportunities for mentoring through Delaware Law School.

If Inn members are interested in participating in Delaware Law School's mentoring program, please contact the Career Development Office:

Career Development Office
Delaware Law
4601 Concord Pike, P.O. Box 7474
Wilmington, DE 19803-0474

LeaNora Ruffin, Esq., assistant dean 
Linda Shopland, Esq., senior counselor
Crystal Deazle, Esq., counselor
Susan Utz, secretary
Phone: 302-477-2163
Fax: 302-477-2180 fax

The Inn was treated to a Program by Pupilage Group 4 on the topic of "Dealing with a difficult client, attorney, or Board."

The written materials from the Group 4 presentation are available here

Food was provided by Capriotti's.