At the second meeting of the year, the Inn Members were treated to a wonderful meal provided by The Well Marketplace (a non-profit whose earnings go to local & global missions … helping children, families & people in need) as well as an informative presentation from Pupilage Group #1 on the topic of Case Preparation.

Congratulations were extended to Inn Member The Honorable Jan R. Jurden who was elevated to President Judge of the Superior Court on January 13, 2015.

Inn Members also celebrated the birthday of Inn Namesake, The Honorable Randy J. Holland.


Heather A. Long, Esq. and Wade A. Adams, Esq. lecture on the topic of preparing witnesses to testify before the IAB.


Eric D. Boyle, Esq. and Sarah M. Ennis, Esq. provide the IAB perspective and various rules for advocating before the Board.


The Honorable Jan R. Jurden and Lauren DeLuca provide insight and advice from the Judiciary's perspective on the issue of IAB appeals. 


Birthday Cake for Justice Holland! 


Click here for presentation materials provided by Group #1. (for Inn Members only)