The Melson-Arsht Inn presents a continuing legal education program seven months of the year.  Meetings run from September through May.  The secretary of the Inn divides the membership into seven pupilage groups and each pupilage group is responsible for presenting a program for each month.  To avoid duplication, the executive committee solicits ideas and meets over the summer to decide upon recommended topics.  The executive committee discusses the suggested topics and decides upon seven to recommend to the pupilage groups to achieve a diverse series of presentations.  As a mission of the Inns is to promote professionalism and civility, there are recommended topics related to professionalism and ethics as well as substantive law.  As a specialty Inn, the topics are also geared toward Family Court practice.  The committee seeks to have variety in the presentations and to avoid duplicating topics from recent years. While the executive committee makes suggestions, the pupilage group is free to deviate from the suggested topic, provided they do not use another group's topic.

Past presenters have included members of the Inn and members of the Delaware Bar who practice in other areas that can impact family law, such as criminal law, bankruptcy and wills and estates.  Other presenters have come from outside vendors, such as Soberlink, Our Family Wizard, and Family Law software who provide resources for families and family law practitioners.   Additionally, we have had presenters from the Office of Disciplinary Counsel and and DELAP, which provides a support system for lawyers needing help with issues such as stress, anxiety and addiction.  Presentations may be done by one person or a panel and are generally interactive.