Established in 2001, the Melson Arsht Inn of Court was the first specialty Inn of Court in the State of Delaware.  THe Inn is named after the late Delaware Famil Court Judges Elwood T. Melson and Roxana C. Arsht.  Both Judge Melson and Judge Arsht are have legacies which extend beyonf the Inn which bears thier name.  Judge Melson is widely considered  the architect of the Delaware Child Support Formula, which practitioners still widely refer to as the "Melson Formuls".   Although it has been through many changes since his tenure on the bench, the foundations of the formula, which takes into consideration a number of factors both specific to the litigants and general to the economy, are nationally praised.  Judge Arsht is remembered for her warmth and humanitarianism and her lives on through the Roxana C. Arsht Fellowship which is offered to law syudents and recent graduates who are committed to working within the non-profit sector.