The Inn's Best Program of the Year Award is granted to the pupillage group that provides the best programming during the course of that Inn year.  The Inn prides itself in its presentation of high-quality, informative programming to its Members and guests.


2022-2023 Pupillage Group 3, "Finding and Retaining Clients (e.g., pitch contest with in-house counsel judge pane). 

Erin Boyd Leach, Don Daybell, Andrew Flior, Taylor King, Christy Lea, Glen Liu, James Selna, John Sganga, Hans Smith, Matthew Stephens, and Christy Von Der Ahe Rayburn. 

2021-2022 Pupillage Group 6, "The Cannabis Industry: Business and IP Considerations"

William Brown, Lee Tower, Christopher Bright, Lester Savit, Baraa Kahf, Marin Cionca, Salil Bali, Jenna Kelleher, Hans Hsu, Allard Chu, Kristina Martinez, Shanxi Feng


2020-2021 Pupillage Group 3, "To Mark or Not to Mark, That is the Question"

John Sganga, Joseph Price, Christy Lea, Christina Von der Ahe, Glen Liu, Joseph Chern, Andrew Flior, Hans Smith, Taylor King, Adrienna van Diemen, Erin Leach, Kristina Martinez, Sandeep Somisetty 


2018-2019 Pupillage Group 3, “Expert Witnesses on Infringement”


2017-2018 Pupillage Group 2, “Inventorship Mystery Dinner Theater” 


2016-2017 Pupillage Group 4, "Ethical Family Feud"


2015–2016  Pupillage Group 1