Founding of Our Inn

The Howard T. Markey IP Inn of Court was fortunate to have as its founders the Honorable Andrew J. Guilford, Joe Re, Sheila Swaroop, and Christina Von der Ahe. It is by no coincidence that our founders reflect the diversity goals of the American Inns of Court by way of both their personal backgrounds as well as the experience they brought to our Inn. Through their unselfish efforts and the leadership in forming this Inn, and by their example in continuing their active participation in the Inn’s programs, they have created an organization that promotes the goals of the American Inns of Court, provides leadership opportunities to our members, and stresses above all else the development of our young attorneys.


The Honorable Andrew J. Guilford accepting the Inn Charter from the Honorable Richard Linn.


Founding Inn officers Ronald Oines, Steven Hanle, Joseph Re, Hon. Andrew J. Guilford, Christy Von der Ahe, Mark Wine, and John Sganga.