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You will find that the Inn's programs and services intentionally differ from those provided by other intellectual property groups and law schools.  The Inn strives to meet needs of the profession in a number of ways.  

Difference from Law Schools

Law schools are good at teaching how to parse issues, but they often do not effectively convey how to aggregate problems and view them in a larger context.  The Inn teaches larger concepts of problem solving, practical skills and professionalism.

Ethics, Collegiality

Lawyers can become unhappy with the profession and/or their jobs, and many lawyers and non-lawyers alike question whether professionalism and ethical standards are high enough.  The Inn provides a congenial setting to consider such problems, to meet and get to know others in the profession, and to get a better sense about the structure of law, law firms or law departments that causes these problems.

Civility v. Ramboism

Civility between opposing lawyers is important to the profession, but isn't always evident.  The Inn provides an opportunity to deal with issues encountered in practice that motivate bad conduct, and to build relationships outside the work environment that hopefully carry over.


Building skill levels can be challenging, particularly when some firms and corporations are unwilling or unable to undertake training burdens or incur the associated cost. The Inn can assist smaller firms, small departments, or specialized practices to teach younger associates.  Relationships established through the Inn afford opportunities beyond those of the monthly meetings.