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Pupillage Group leaders - Outline of Tasks

Benjamin Franklin American Inn of court
DRAFT 1.0 

Below are some ideas for pupillage group leaders that may be useful in preparing for an Inn of Court presentation. 

6 weeks before pupillage team presentation

Contact members about 1.5 months before Presentation meeting.
Contact any co-leaders to discuss the topics/cases you want to cover.
Start thinking of a scenario/fact pattern for your topics.

Ask pupillage group members to put the date of the presentation meeting on their calendars and ask them to reserve at least an hour before 6:00 pm on the day of the group's meeting, to rehearse the program.

4 weeks before pupillage team presentation

At the Ben Franklin Inn's meeting the month before the presentation, meet with your group at 7:00 pm, after the regular meeting. You probably will need a small conference room to meet in, so contact the administrator at the host law firm or the Inn's Program Chair.

  • Create acts - Act 1, 2, and 3
  • Select major issues for your topic area
  • Develop a scenario outline - e.g., Act 1, 2, and 3, etc. 
  • If practical, try to have each act independent of the facts in the other acts. This will allow the subgroups (see below) to work independently. This reduces or eliminates the trouble of scheduling large conference calls and juggling schedules.
  • Break your group into 2 to 3 subgroups each assigned to an Act. Each subgroup is comprised of 2 to 4 people (ideally, with a co-leader in each group). 
  • It is important to break into smaller subgroups so that the groups can work independently.

Case summaries - law students

Where appropriate, a good task for law students is to ask them to write summaries of the key cases. The summaries can be used as a hand out for the inn meetings. Also, the law students can present the case summaries during the inn meeting.

3 weeks before pupillage team presentation

  • If needed, have each subgroup have a conference call. 

2 weeks before pupillage team presentaiton

  • If needed, have each subgroup have a conference call.

1 week before pupillage team presentaiton

  • Have a phone conference and talk through all 3 acts. 
  • Develop any handout or slides for the meeting.
  • E-mail handouts to the Program Chair so that the handouts can be kept for our required CLE records. 

Day of pupillage team presentation

  • Plan to meet at or before 5:00 pm at the host faciility, to rehearse the presentation.

If you have any questions please contact the Program Chair.