April 2013 Willamette Valley Inn Program

Team Hill - "New View on Evidence: The Oregon Supreme Court's New Rule on the Admissibility of Eyewitness Identification Evidence"

March 2013 Willamette Valley Inn Program

Team Campbell - "E-court Made Simple" featuring the Honorable John Collins, Presiding Judge, Yamhill County Circuit Court

February 2013 Willamette Valley Inn Program

Team Yandell Death Penalty -- Charging and Proportionality

  • Walt Beglau -- Marion County District Attorney
  • Steve Gorham -- Marion County Attorney, with expensive experience in defending death penalty cases
  • Tim Sylwester -- Oregon Department of Justice attorney involved extensively with death penalty cases
  • Rep. Mitch Greenlick -- HR 1 Policy Overview


January 2013 Willamette Valley Inn Program

November, 2012 Willamette Valley Inn Program

Team Shepherd -  Ethics, Metadata and Inadvertent Disclosure presented by Helen Hierschbiel, General Counsel, Oregon State Bar

Oregon E-Court Law and Policy Work Group Remote Access Recommendations
Presented by Lisa Norris-Lampe, Chair of the Oregon ecourt Law & Policy Work Group

Public Disclosure of Sensitive Trial Exhibits
Presented by Hon. John Wittmayer, Circuit Court Judge, Multnomah County

See also: Goldsborough v. Eagle Crest Partners, 314 Or 336 (1992); In Re Carpenter, 337 Or 226 (2004)

October 2012 Willamette Valley Inn Program

Team Pierson -"The Oregon Tort Claims Act And You"

See Clarke v OHSU 343 Or 581 (2007); Baker v. City of Lakeside 340 Or 70 (2007)

September, 2012 Willamette Valley Inn Program

Team James presents: "The United States Supreme Court -- the Term in Review (2011-2012) and Coming Attractions in the Fall 2012 Lineup" featuring the Honorable Rives Kistler, Oregon Supreme Court; and the Honorable Claudia M. Burton, Marion County Circuit Court. They will discuss several of the many notable cases decided by the United States Supreme Court during the 2011-2012 term.