Leadership Succession Plan


The Texas Tech School of Law Inn of Court has developed a formal leadership succession plan. Generally, the Secretary and the Treasurer serve in those positions for several years to maintain organizational integrity before moving to a higher office. Likewise, the Counselor will have multiple years of Executive Committee experience prior to taking on this position.

The Executive Committee is composed of the officers, chairs or committees formed by the Executive Committee, and other members as determined by the active Masters. Currently, the Executive Committee is comprised of the following named positions: President, Secretary, Treasurer, Counselor, Membership Chair (2 co-chairs), Program Chair (2 co-chairs), Law School Liaison, Immediate Past President, and Historian. The duties of the Executive Committee, and its members, are set forth in the Organizational Charter and in the Bylaws. The Executive Committee may meet and vote in person, via electronic mail, telephone, or any other method agreed to by a simple majority of the Committee members. Set meetings generally occur prior to our monthly Inn meetings, and other meetings occur as needed.

The current officers are the President, the Immediate Past President, the Counselor who will also serve as President Elect, a Treasurer and a Secretary, and other officers the active Masters may deem necessary. Each officer will be selected by the active Masters in accordance with the Organizational Charter. Unless otherwise determined by the active Masters, each officer will serve a two-year term. An officer may serve multiple terms and may serve terms in different positions. Notwithstanding, we strive to bring on a few new Executive Committee Members each nomination and election cycle to bring on newcomers with new ideas and thoughts. We believe the newly placed leadership positions along with existing leadership positions provides for a strong and dynamic Executive team.