Meetings & Programs

The Inn holds seven meetings a year beginning in October and ending in May. They are held the first Tuesday of every month, except there is no meeting in January. All meetings are held at Hotel Congress. Each meeting begins with a reception from 5:00 to 5:45 p.m. Dinner follows the reception, and then one of the Inn's teams presents a 30-minute program on a topic selected for that evening, followed by 30 minutes of group discussion on that topic. Meetings end at approximately 7:00 p.m.

The programs are the heart of the monthly meetings. They involve practical legal skills with an emphasis on ethics, civility and professionalism in lawyering. The programs also incorporate opportunities for critique and discussion.

Monthly Program Development

One of the most valuable aspects of membership in the Morris K. Udall Inn of Court is our monthly dinner programs held at the historic Hotel Congress. These are opportunities for socializing, networking, learning, and dialogue.   We begin with a reception, followed by a presentation on a topic related to the law or legal ethics, and we wind up with a lively discussion on that topic in which we endeavor to involve all our members.

Each pupilage has an opportunity to make a presentation during one of the monthly meetings. These presentations focus upon topics relating to the law and legal ethics. These are not only informative, but interesting and entertaining.  All members of the pupilage are involved in the selection of and preparation for the presentation, though the live presentations vary in terms of who is involved.  Some pupilages designate one of their members or a small group of their members to make the presentation.  Others employ all their members in presenting the information through skits. Still others invite a guest or guests to present. This variety is one of the things that make these presentations enjoyable. Interesting ideas for presentations can be found on the American Inns of Court website at:    Following the formal presentation, one member of the assigned pupilage facilitates a group discussion involving all the members of the Inn.

Each monthly meeting begins with a no-host cocktail gathering in the Hotel lobby from 5:00 to 5:45 p.m. Inn members then move to the dining room to be seated at 5:45 p.m. After a brief introduction of the topic for the evening and the members of the pupilage who will be presenting, Inn members enjoy the first course of their meal while conversing with others at their table on the topic of the evening or anything else they wish to discuss. The pupilage that will be presenting sits together, giving them an opportunity for last-minute preparations, while other members of the Inn are seated with others who may or may not be from their own pupilages.  The assigned pupilage makes its formal presentation from 6:00-6:30 p.m. and then leads a discussion involving all the Inn members. The assigned pupilage is responsible for providing presentation materials to the Inn and ensuring that the Webmaster is provided with a copy of the materials so that the materials may be uploaded to the Inn website. The dinner meeting concludes at approximately 7:00 p.m. As an added bonus, one hour of continuing legal education credit is afforded by attending these dinner programs.   

In addition to presenting a program, the teams provide Inn members an opportunity to become better acquainted with other lawyers practicing in the Tucson Area. The teams are the principal component of the Inn's mentoring activities. Their diverse membership is intended to build an inter-generational relationship that encourages frank and personal discussion of matters of practice, ethics, civility, and all other aspects of the practice of law. The most experienced members of the team are encouraged to pass on the best of the practice to the less experienced members. Accordingly, Masters and Barristers are encouraged to provide their Student colleagues with opportunities to observe them in court, in deposition, or in the office.

Attendance Policy

All active members are expected to attend and to participate actively in the Inn's meetings. Three absences during a calendar year will be deemed to be a resignation unless the executive committee waives the provision for good cause. Persons who are unable to attend a particular meeting must inform the Chief Operating Officer prior to the meeting. Absences will only be excused if they are based upon emergencies or other compelling circumstances. Members are encouraged to attend since the Inn's success depends upon its members' participation. You may write to the executive committee to request that an absence be deemed excused if such absence was based upon an emergency or compelling circumstances.

 Guest Policy 

The Inn's programs are primarily for the members' benefit. However, members are encouraged to invite as guests individuals who would be eligible to become members of the Inn. Members who wish to invite guests must inform the Chief Operating Officer in advance of the meeting of their guests' names. They must also agree to be responsible for the cost of the guests' meals or arrange for the guests to pay for their meals. Members may pay or provide payment for their guests prior to the meeting or may request to be billed. The cost of a meal is $30, payable by check only. Guests must be approved by the President and may be limited, in the President's discretion.

CLE Credit

The Inn provides CLE credit for each meeting. A CLE Certificate is provided to all members at the end of the Inn meeting year. 

Benefits from the Foundation

Members of the Morris K. Udall Inn of Court receive benefits from the American Inns of Court Foundation. They receive a subscription toThe Bencher,the Foundation's bi- monthly newsletter, and a national membership directory. Members of local Inns are also entitled to attend the annual national conference and to purchase recorded programs such as theVisions of ExcellenceSeries. Members traveling to England may also obtain letters of introduction to one of the four English Inns of Court. As a guest of one of the four English Inns, you are normally provided with a free lunch.