Brock-Cooper Inn Mentoring Program 

The Brock-Cooper Inn of Court (the "Inn") includes as part of its goals to provide mentoring to its members, particularly its young associates. To meet that goal, it has established a mentoring program.

The Inn's mentoring program consists of addressing mentoring topics at its regular chapter meetings and encouraging mentoring topics to be discussed among the Inn's pupilage groups. With respect to the discussion of mentoring topics at regular meetings, the Inn provides a "Mentoring Moment" at each meeting. During that moment, a member of the Inn shares a story or advice that would be helpful to developing the Inn's young lawyers. Topics for such mentoring moments may include opportunities for and examples of professional conduct among attorneys, a discussion of ethical issues or problems, and a discussion of client-relation issues. The Inn solicits ideas for the "Mentoring Moment" from all of its members via email prior to each meeting.

With respect to mentoring through pupilage groups, the Inn encourages its pupilage groups to meet regularly. It seeks to utilize such meetings as a way to better develop its community of lawyers and provide its members with a forum to learn from one another.

Brock-Cooper Inn Rolling Emeritus Program for Masters

At this time, Master status in the Justices Ray L. Brock Jr. - Robert E. Cooper American Inn of Court has lifetime duration. This is meant to honor the member and recognize his/her role in our profession. We have been fortunate to receive/retain many Masters in our Inn. However, the Inn recognizes that Masters often have multiple responsibilities and may need to take a sabbatical from time to time. Also, the Inn recognizes the importance of inducting new members of Master status.

Therefore, the Inn has created a Rolling Emeritus Program for Masters. Each year, the Inn will ask for volunteers to roll-off for the year. During this year, you will retain Emeritus status and have dues that are limited to cover your national dues and the holiday/business meetings. Your attendance will be requested at the end of the year business meeting for voting and election purposes. The purpose of this program is to allow Masters the ability to remain active in the Inn, but add flexibility to accommodate new members and ever-demanding schedules.

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