Charles H. Livingston, Esq. received the Judge John M. Scheb Professionalism Award on October 17, 2006 in recognition of his "dedication to the highest standards of the legal profession and to the rule of law." Livingston is a master emeritus of the Inn in Sarasota and is a board certified civil trial lawyer.


(L) Thomas Fitzgibbons, Esq., a Master in the Inn and (R) Charles H. Livingston, Esq.


(L) to (R): Robert J. Gill, Esq. and Milan Brkich, Esq., Masters; and Sherry F. Ellis, Esq., Barrister


(L) to (R): Laura Baumann, Esq. and Cindy Hill-Ford, Esq., Associates; Scott McKay, Esq., Barrister; and Amy Boohaker, Esq., Associate.


W. Andrew Clayton, Esq., Master and Secretary of the Inn delivering the invocation October 17, 2006.