The officers of the Inn include a President, President- Elect, Vice President (Counselor), Secretary and Treasurer. The President-Elect and Counselor must be selected from among the Masters by a vote of a majority of the Masters present at a meeting noticed for that purpose. The Secretary and Treasurer may be elected from any class of membership by a vote of a majority of the membership at a meeting noticed for that purpose. The officers serve for one-year terms and may succeed themselves.

Annually, the President appoints a nominating committee to nominate officers for the ensuing year. The annual election of officers occurs at the May meeting of the Inn. Officers take office on July 1 of each year.

The President, with consent of the officers, appoints Program, Membership, Hospitality, and Reporter Chairs. The officers and chairs constitute the Executive Committee. Judge Scheb remains a non-voting member of the Executive Committee.

2021-2022 Executive Committee

President: Hon. Erika N. Quartermaine

President-elect: Adam B. Portnow

Counselor: Hon. Dana M. Moss

Treasurer: Amanda Gambert

Assistant Treasurer: Amanda Kison

Secretary: Erin Itts

Historian: Shannon Hankin

Immediate Past President: Derek Byrd

Membership Chair: Emily K. Garriott

Social Chair: Lloydann Wade

Program Chair: Amanda Kison

Media/PR Chair: Sean M. Byrne

Sponsorship Chair: Patrick McArdle

Webmaster: Alan L. Perez

Stetson Liaison: Bonnie Polk