James L. Petigru Community Highlights

James L. Petigru Community Service Highlight

          October is depression and mental health awareness month. In support of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, members of the James L. Petigru Pupilage group 4 participated in a NAMI Walk for the Cause in September, 2021. Additionally, they obtained sponsors to financially donate in support of their participation in the walk to contribute to research and support for helping those battling mental illness.


        November of 2021, members of the James L. Petigru Inn Pupilage group 2 partnered with The Charleston Basket Brigade for a virtual fundraiser to raise money for Thanksgiving Meal Baskets in an effort to combat food insecurity in the Charleston area. Pupilage Group was able to supply 10 families with full Thanksgiving meals.

           On February 12, 2022 members of the James L. Petigru Inn Pupilage and Mentorship Group 2 participated in an outdoor community service activity working alongside Charleston Parks Conservancy. The Charleston Parks Conservancy is a nonprofit organization that unites local resources while leveraging support and organizing volunteers to be stewards of Charleston’s Urban Parks.


              On April 9, 2022, members of the James L. Petigru Inn Pupilage and Mentorship Group 3 participated in, The Green Heart Project which is a program that builds garden-based experiential learning projects and school garden programs to educate students, connect people, and cultivate community, through growing, eating, and celebrating food.