A Colloquy

Mayor Kenney's 2017 Report by the "Task Force to Combat the Opioid Epidemic in Philadelphia" included the goal: "Further explore comprehensive user engagement site(s)," or "CUES."

"At a CUES, people with substance use disorders will be able to safely use drugs, like heroin, under supervision while they are encouraged to enter treatment."

Featuring a Panel of Guest Speakers:

  • Jose Benitez, MSW, Executive Director, Prevention Point
  • Ronda Goldfein, Esq., Executive Director, AIDS Law Project
  • Jeffrey Hom, MD, MPH, Policy Advisor, Philadelphia Health Department
  • Louis Lappen, Esq., Deputy U.S. Attorney, Eastern District of Pennsylvania
  • Charlene and Kyle Scott, Parents of a Conwell Middle Magnet Schooler
  • Captain Laverne Vann, Philadelphia Police Department
  • Sergeant Alfonso Jett, Philadelphia Police Department

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