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The Kline School of Law offers more than experiential learning - it provides a thorough immersion in the practice of law. Here, students gain hundreds of hours of experience in working in law firms, government agencies, corporate offices, the courts and public interest organizations, entering the workforce with confidence and know-how.

Our professors are respected scholars and practitioners who are approachable and connected, as eager to help students navigate the legal community as they are to explain the fine points of law.

This is a welcoming, inclusive and collaborative community, where students and faculty pursue their goals with passion and integrity. And this is an uncommonly pioneering and adaptive school, wholeheartedly embracing and entrepreneurship and innovation at a University well known for revolutionizing higher education. No wonder International Jurist in 2017 gave the school's LLM in American Legal Practice and Global JD programs an "A+."


Drexel University has been a pioneer in higher education for 125 years and is a recognized leader in experiential learning. In keeping with that tradition, the Kline School of Law embraces entrepreneurship and innovation, nurturing and supporting faculty and students who expand the boundaries of the law.

Our co-ops, clinics, pro bono service opportunities and nationally ranked Trial Advocacy program offer each student an unparalleled opportunity to gain experience in the legal profession before you even graduate.

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