McMahon Inn Attendance Policy

According to the Bylaws of the Inn, "[e]ach active member will be allowed four absences from the monthly meetings in a year. The Membership Committee shall monitor attendance at meetings and shall submit the names of those who have three absences to the Executive Committee. The non-participating member will be contacted by the President in order to determine if he/she wishes to remain in this American Inn of Court and to inform the non-participating member that, in the event another absence occurs, he/she will be dropped from the rolls and all dues will be forfeited."

In June or July of each year, the Inn will contact all members to renew their membership. At this time, members are asked to complete a Membership Renewal Form and pay dues for the fiscal year.

McMahon Inn Mentoring 

One of the primary purposes of the McMahon Inn of Court isto provide mentoring opportunities for its  members.  This is done in a number of ways: planned activities within each pupillage group (lunches, program meetings & other excursions), availability of each member's phone number and e-mail address, socializing and networking prior to meetings and through a number of socials (some of which include your family).  The Inn is also in the process of developing a list of practice areas and the members who practice within each area for contact and mentoring on specific issues.  

If you have any ideas about what would be helpful to you or others to develop processes by which you might be mentored or might mentor others, please contact Jim George.

McMahon Inn Pupillage Team & Programs 

Programs, presented by the pupillage groups, are often the backbone of the Inn. The McMahon Inn holds 6 to 7 program meetings per year, usually in the months of September, October, December, February, March, April & May.

Programs are meant to be both eductional and entertaining. They are usually presented in the form of a play or small vignettes with discussion of the law in between the vignettes or at the end of the play. Substantial supporting materials are provided to enhance the discussions and for your use after the program. The programs are one hour in length and earn continuing legal education (CLE) credit from the Louisiana State Bar Association. The Inn tries to present at least one program that will earn an Ethics credit and one program that will earn a Professionalism credit each year.

Excellent canned programs are available from the national Inns of Court but we encourage our pupillage groups to meet and interact with each other to come up with a creative and entertaining program on their own. The McMahon Inn has won a national award for one of our previous programs and at least two of the programs have "gone on the road" being presented at numerous local and state bar functions!