The president presides at all Inn functions, ensures that the officers and the executive committee perform their duties, and provides general leadership and guidance to the officers and membership of the Inn. The president also maintains contact with the Foundation office and Board of Trustees of the Foundation. He or she sees that the local Inn adheres to the policies of the Foundation as enunciated in its charter and in the policies promulgated by the Foundation's Board of Trustees.


The counselor, or vice-president as some Inns prefer, performs the functions of the president in his or her absence. The counselor assists the president in all of his or her duties.


The treasurer maintains all financial accounts, collects dues and pays all bills. The treasurer annually accounts to the executive committee for all monies collected and spent. With the secretary, the treasurer maintains contact with the Foundation office, submitting the Officer Information Form and the membership roster.


The Secretary sends notices of each meeting of the Inn and other announcements to the members. He or she also records the minutes of Executive Committee meetings. In conjunction with the Publications Chair, the Secretary may also submits news, including photographs, of the Inn's activities to the Foundation for publication in the "Local Inn News" section of The Bencher.

Program Chair

The Program Chair directs the educational component of the Inn. He or she is responsible for meeting with the Master Chairs of each pupillage group to see that a program is presented at each of six meetings. He or she is also responsible for communicating with the Louisiana State Bar Association Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Committee to obtain credit for the programs and to transmit information about who has attended the programs.

Membership Chair

The Membership Chair maintains annual and permanent rosters of active and alumni members including the address, telephone number, fax numbers and e-mail address of each members, as well as their membership category. The Membership Chair also maintains records of attendance. He or she also is the point person for receiving applications for membership. The Membership Chair should assist the Executive Committee in any recruiting campaign the Inn may hold.

Social Chair

The Social Chair is responsible for making arrangements for food and drink at the Inn meetings. The Social Chair is also responsible for assisting the Executive Committee in planning the three socials of the Inn year. He or she is responsible for making the location and food arrangements and for collecting monies for reservations and attendance.

Law Schools Liaison

The Law Schools Liaison is responsible for communicating with Louisiana State University Law Center and Southern University Law Center to inform them of the Inns of Court movement, of our local Inn and to obtain applications for membership for pupil positions in our Inn.

Publications Chair

The Publication Chair is responsible for submitting news, including photographs, of the Inn's activities to the Foundation for publication in the "Local Inn News" section of The Bencher. The Publication Chair also submits news items to local and state news outlets, including the Louisiana State Bar Journal, Around the Bar, InRegister, and City Social.