Willson Inn Attendance Policy

All active members are expected to attend and to participate actively in the Inn's meetings. Three unexcused absences during a program year can jeopardize an individual's invitation for the upcoming year. The Executive Committee recognizes that the Inn is comprised of trial attorneys and judges and that from time to time there may be no way that a member can attend. To maintain fairness to all members, it is requested that in the event of an absence from any given Inn meeting, that a note or letter be sent to the Inn Administrator explaining the reason for the nonattendance. These letters are reviewed at the year's end, in determining whether to extend an invitation for membership for the upcoming year. Persons who are unable to attend a particular meeting should inform the Inn Administrator in writing prior to the meeting, if at all possible, of the reasons for their absence. Absences without notice are considered to be unexcused. 

Willson Inn Guest Policy

The Inn's programs are primarily for the members' benefit. However, members may invite guests from time to time, or a pupilage group may desire to have a non-Inn member with specialized skills or knowledge participate in their program. In either case, members who wish to invite guests must inform the President and Inn Administrator in advance of their guest's name. They must also agree to be responsible for the cost of the guest's meal prior to or at the time of the meeting. The cost of the meal can be obtained from the Treasurer or Inn Administrator.