The Inn in Photos

January 9th, 2018

Our first General Meeting of approximately seventy Masters, Barristers, and Associates was held on January 9th, 2018 at the Royal St. Augustine Golf Clubhouse.

                                   News Notes 

                                    Gen Mtg Judge Maltz 2 

                                    Gen Mtg Judge Maltz                         

                                     Gen Mtg Group 2

                                     Gen Mtg Cori Hodak

                                     Gen Mtg Group 1

                                     Gen Mtg Ben Weaver

                                     Gen Mtg Rick Rumrell

                                     Gen Mtg Christene Ertl

                                     founding exec bd

                                             Inn Charter Photo Small

January 23rd, 2018

published in the St. Augustine Record

Large Article

Small Article


February 1, 2018

published in The Florida Bar News

Bar News Large Article

March 13, 2018

First Skit!  Congratulations on our first pupillage group for presenting a humorous and informative skit on "How to Handle Difficult Clients"

Group 1 - March 13 meeting

Judge Howard Maltz-Team Captain

Anne Marie Gennusa- Team Captain

Judge Wendy Berger

Corrine Hodak

Hunter Conrad

Ashby Underhill

Amy Osteryoung

Michael Cavandish

Alyssa Camper-Shorstein

Mar 13 Inn

May 8, 2018

Judge McGillin hosts "You Be The Judge", the gameshow where lawyers decide issues of privacy law!

Group 2 - May 8 Meeting

Judge Howard McGillin- Team Captain

Michael Hines-Team Captain

Ben Weaver

Christine Ertl

Norma Wendt

Susanna Quesenberry

Kevin Sharbaugh

Erin Rohan Smith

Ed Ronsman

Tance Roberts

 05082018 Inn Judge

 05082018 Inn Video05082018 Inn Group Vote Paddle