The Sagamore Inn of Court strives to fulfill one of the fundamental goals of the American Inns of Court movement by providing opportunities for its seasoned members to share experiences and insights with its less experienced practitioners.

Most of these mentoring opportunities derive from the close associations formed among the members of the pupillage groups or “teams.” A great deal of bonding and mentoring within each team occurs during the process of planning and presenting the team’s program for the membership. Each team member is expected to be an active participant in development and execution of the team program and to honor their commitment to the team.

In addition to the monthly team gatherings and those that are necessary to prepare for a team program, the teams are encouraged to communicate and meet informally between meetings. These meetings typically occur over lunch or social hour and present another opportunity for group mentoring. Through these interactions, team members quickly identify areas of common interest, which facilitates one-on-one mentoring through individual counseling, shadowing, or involvement together in law-related activities.

Additionally, the Sagamore Inn has a formal mentoring program. The Executive Board takes applications from those Members interested in participating. The mentors and mentees are paired up with due consideration to assigning Associates to Mentors with whom they may be expected to have a good rapport. The mentor and mentee are asked to meet (virtually, phone call, or in person) at least 4 times during in the Inn of Court year.

At the end of the Inn year, the Sagamore Inn asks the participants in this program to complete a membership survey so that we can identify our strengths and weaknesses as an organization. Part of this survey solicits feedback on the quantity and quality of the mentoring component of our Inn. These evaluations are used by the Executive Council to plan the year ahead.

If you are interested in participating in our mentor program, please let us know.