About the Sagamore Inn of Court 

The Sagamore American Inn of Court was founded in 1997 by Indiana Supreme Court Justice Brent E. Dickson, Marion County, Indiana Judge David J. Dreyer and Indianapolis attorney William F. Conour. The name "Sagamore" was chosen because history area native Americans used the term to refer to a person known for wisdom and sage advice.  One of the highest honors an Indiana Governor can bestow upon a citizen is that of "Sagamore of the Wabash." 

The Sagamore Inn was founded to offer a forum where younger and seasoned attorneys or judges could meet to discuss ethical issues relating to the practice of law. Delaware Supreme Court Justice Randall Holland, now former president of the national American Inns of Court Foundation, addressed the initial organizational meeting with prospective organizers.  From that point, we progressed to formal organization and held our inaugural meeting on March 18, 1998.  The Sagamore Inn became the 314th American Inn of Court, in a movement that has now grown to nearly 400 Inns nationwide.

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Sagamore Inn of Court Membership

Sagamore Inn members are divided into eight teams that represent a cross-section of Indianapolis' legal community. Each team typically includes at least one judge, two senior attorneys, two mid-career attorneys, three relatively new attorneys, and one or two law students. Each team is responsible for presenting an educational program to the other Inn members and invited guests. The program is developed at monthly luncheon or breakfast meetings with the team members. The final program generally includes "skits" that are followed by an open discussion in which all Inn members are encouraged to participate.

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Sagamore Inn of Court Pupillage Teams

Traditional Team Format

  • 1 Pupil
  • 2 or 3 Associates
  • 3 or 4  Barristers
  • 2 or 3 Attorney Benchers
  • 1 or 2 Judge Bencher

Pupils are third-year law students from the Indiana University/Purdue University School of Law. Student Associates are invited to participate in the Inn based on leadership qualities, on- and off-campus activities, and general interests. Student associates serve a term of one year.

Associates are recent law school graduates or recently admitted lawyers in their early years of practice. Attorney associates serve two-year terms.

Barristers are experienced litigation attorneys that have been practicing law for at least 5 years. Barristers serve five-year terms.

Masters of the Bench ("Benchers") are seasoned judges, attorneys and law professors of demonstrated superior character, ability and excellence in litigation and in the legal profession with at least 15 years experience. Benchers serve indefinite terms, subject to the discretion of the Executive Committee.

Emeritus Members are masters who have resigned from active membership in the Inn but who wish to maintain an ongoing relationship with the Inn.

The Inn meets on a monthly basis from September through November, and from January through May, at the Indiana University School of Law at Indianapolis. After a catered dinner, the monthly brief business meeting and 60-minute substantive program are held in the moot courtroom of the law school.  A joint meeting is often held one time per year with the Indianapolis Inn of Court, our fellow Inn, during the summer months.