2021-2022 Team Programs

There Will Be Blood - Theranos and the Saga of Elizabeth Holmes

The Robert W. Calvert Inn of Court met on April 12, 2021 at the Headliner's Club in Austin, Texas. The program, There Will Be Blood - Theranos and the Saga of Elizabeth Holmes, was organized under the leadership of Inn Barrister Jeffrey D. Boyd. The program used the story of disgraced company Theranos and its founder Elizabeth Holmes to discuss the dos and don'ts of representing businesses. Topics included ethical rules regarding confidentiality, representation of entities, reporting requirements, whistleblower laws, the line between fraud and puffery, preservation and spoliation issues, considerations for testifying as a criminal defendant, and differences in perception of male and female business leaders in the context of regulatory enforcement and criminal prosecution.

Sanctions by the Court: When is Zealous Advocacy Too Much?

On December 14, 2021, the members of the Robert W. Calvert Inn of Court received a timely presentation (led by team leader Jane Webre on court sanctions against advocates and parties. The presentation covered an overview and history of court sanctions and the rules/legislations surrounding them. Team members specifically presented on, among other things, evolution of sanctions over time; misconduct during Zoom hearings; discovery disputes; and various sanctionable conduct and penalties under state and federal law.

Craig Enoch