The program year usually begins in August with a meeting of the Pupillage Group leaders. Thereafter, the Inn as a whole gathers eight times a year, including six substantive and interactive programs and two social gatherings.

The programs are the heart of the monthly meetings. They involve practical legal skills with an emphasis on ethics, civility, and professionalism in lawyering. They are generally comprised of a demonstration or presentation of principles, skills, techniques, and relationships involved in trial or appellate court proceedings or in activities preliminary to courtroom appearances, although there is no set format. The programs also incorporate opportunities for critique and discussion.  With approval from the Program Chair, each Pupillage Group is responsible for conducting one program annually.

Another crucial aspect of the Inn's focus is the individual Pupillage Group meetings, organized by the Pupillage Group leader. These meetings should take place at the Group's convenience in preparation for that Pupillage Group's demonstration.

Each pupillage group is responsible for presenting a program that explores important and timely legal issues, emphasizing civility, collegiality, professionalism, ethics and advocacy skills (or the lack thereof). In addition, the program must qualify for Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits by presenting an issue that educates the audience. CLE forms and sign-up sheets are provided at the meetings.

Please review our Program Structure and Development Guide for more information about Pupillage Group leader responsibilities and some suggestions on how to present an effective program.