On December 4, 2018, the meeting of the Inn featured a program to honor the legacy of the Honorable J. Bratton Davis for whom the Inn is named.  Members of Judge Davis' family were special guests.  The Honorable John H. Waites, Counselor of the Inn, acted as moderator for a panel of speakers consisting of Brenda Argoe, former Clerk of Court, John Butler and Michael Beal, both former law clerks to Judge Davis, and Geoff Levy, the first Clerk of Court who served with Judge Davis.  Each speaker shared personal stories about working with Judge Davis including his civility and courtesy towards everyone.  Judge Davis is remembered as a gentleman and a gentle man who loved words, who was quick witted, willing to mentor others, who always made the people around him feel valued, and who treasured his relationships with family and friends.  The members of the Inn were encouraged to continue Judge Davis' legacy by mentoring others and making a difference in our profession.