William Lipsitt attended William Penn High school and graduated from Harvard College and the Harvard School of Law. Judge Lipsitt engaged in private practice in Dauphin County until June 1965 when he was appointed as a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Dauphin County by Governor William Scranton. Judge Lipsitt was successful in his retention election in 1975 and declined to run again in 1985 due to term limitations.  During his tenure on the bench, Judge Lipsitt conducted some of the most famous trials in Dauphin County including the infamous 666 lottery fix trial and the Jay Smith murder trial. Upon his retirement, Judge Lipsitt continued to serve as a Senior Judge until his retirement in 2002.

Judge Lipsitt's commitment to excellence of the law endured throughout his time as a lawyer and a Judge and inspired others. Judge Lipsitt was also committed to service in the community throughout his lifetime. Judge Lipsitt kept the esteem and respect of the bench, bar and community because of his work ethic, intelligence  personal charm and sense of humor. Judge Lipsitt was the epitome of a leader in the law and in our community and it is for this reason that the Hon. William W. Lipsitt Inn of Court bears his name.