• Bob McAughan, President
  • Joe Grinstein, President-Elect
  • Sharon Israel, Immediate Past-President
  • Ifti Ahmed, Treasurer
  • Karthika Perumal, Secretary


  • Membership Committee: Joe Grinstein, Irene Kosturakis 
  • Programs Committee: Jay Yates, Karthika Perumal  
  • Mentoring Committee: Kate Jackson, Hector Chavez  
  • Scholarship Committe: Michelle Eber, George Webb  
  • Judicial Liaison: Jonathan Spivey

Judicial Counselors

  • Hon. Nancy F. Atlas
  • Hon. Lee H. Rosenthal
  • Hon. Keith Ellison
  • Hon. Andrew M. Edison
  • Hon. Peter Bray

Atlas IP Inn Documents

Atlas IP Inn Scholarship Recipients

Mission of the American Inns of Court

  • The Mission of the American Inns of Court is to foster excellence in professionalism, ethics, civility, and legal skills.

Goals of the American Inns of Court Foundation

  • To promote the American Inns of Court mission by encouraging members of the legal profession to participate in an American Inn of Court.
  • To help ensure the vitality and continuity of local Inns.
  • To communicate a culture of excellence in professionalism, ethics, civility and skills to the legal community and generally.
  • To ensure the long-term financial viability and growth of the American Inns of Court.

The Atlas IP Inn thanks all of its sponsors for their support.