September 2017


Dear Members of the Giles S. Rich American Inn of Court:


On behalf of the Inn Board of Officers, it is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to the Giles S. Rich American Inn of Court's twenty-sixth year.  This is a year of special focus for our Inn, with a goal of renewing our membership's commitment to the central tenets of the American Inns of Court: to promote excellence in all aspects of the practice of law, including skills, integrity, professionalism, ethics, and civility. 


Of particular interest to the Inn membership this year is a return to the spirit of the English Inns of Court.  The English Inns serve as a central anchor for barrister's professional life, providing personal and professional friendships, professional development, mentorship opportunity, and social activities throughout the year.  It was a founding goal of the American Inns of Court to model our own professional legal society on this framework.  In the past, the Giles S. Rich Inn has been exemplary in the professional development offered by the Inn through its programming.  It is a goal of the Officers of the Inn to invigorate the Inn's other functions to such high esteem.  I hope you will join me in committing to work this year in especially developing the Inn's commitment to mentorship, collegiality, and camaraderie within the membership.


This Membership Handbook provides the basic information you need to be an active part of the Inn such program topics and meeting dates, various Inn awards, a roster of Inn members, the rules of the Inn, and the rules governing our use of the National Courts Building.  It closes, as always, with "Recollections of Judge Giles S. Rich," written by then-Circuit Judge, now former Chief Judge Paul Michel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, honoring the spirit of our namesake. 


Below, I want to highlight a few features of our Inn that are central to its function.


Pupilage Group Program


Every member of the Inn is assigned to one of eight Pupilage Groups, led by one or more Program Chairs, and each Group is responsible for organizing the program for one of our monthly meetings.  These assignments will be distributed to the membership separately from the handbook.  The Pupilage Group programs are intended to educate and inform our members about developments in intellectual property law and more broadly to further the goals of the American Inns Movement.  This year we have designated one member from each group as "Pupilage Group Coordinators" to work with the Program Chairs to develop the monthly program, and help organize the Pupilage Group meetings.   


Attorney and Law Student Mentoring Program


Mentoring is a fundamental aspect of the American Inns Movement, and one especially cherished by our Inn.  We continue to work towards maintaining a comprehensive Mentoring Program, through which judges and experienced practitioners can mentor novice attorneys, and any practicing attorney can mentor the students from one of our participating law schools.  A Mentoring Program enrollment form may be found in this Handbook, through which you may sign up to act as a mentor, to ask that you be assigned a mentor, or both.


The Linn Inn Alliance


While the Rich Inn is the oldest and largest American Inn of Court focused on the law of intellectual property, we are not alone.  At present, there are 24 IP American Inns of Court (one of which is in Japan), and there is the umbrella organization, the Linn Inn Alliance. As a member of the Giles Rich Inn, you are automatically a member of the Linn Inn Alliance, and you are invited to attend the meetings of any other IP Inn.  I encourage you to do so.


Rich Inn Webpage


The Rich Inn has established a webpage on the American Inn of Court website.  This webpage is a repository for additional information about the Inn not necessarily contained in the Handbook.  For instance, it includes program materials, photos, and meeting summaries.   It likewise houses Inn-member only information like member contact details and dues payment options. 


American Inn of Court website:

Rich Inn of Court webpage:               /for-members/inns/the-giles-s-rich-american-inn-of-court.aspx


Rich Inn Membership and Dues


It is important for the Inn to establish a roster of members and secure payment of membership dues as early as possible in the year.  This information must be provided to the American Inns of Court National Office.  Therefore, please make or renew your membership and pay your membership dues promptly by the methods provided in your renewal or invitation email.


In closing, I look forward to our interactions in the year ahead, and I encourage you to become involved with the Inn as much as possible. Your ideas and feedback are welcome.  Together, I am confident that we will have an outstanding 26th year of promoting the finest traditions of excellence in our chosen profession.


Stanley Fisher

Inn President, 2017-18