The American Inns of Court Foundation confers these awards annually. The awards program
encourages excellence and creativity and endeavors to expand the vision of the American Inns of Court beyond the Foundation and the individual American Inns of Court. The Foundation's
awards program is a respected symbol of not only the American Inns of Court movement, but by the American legal profession as well.

A. Sherman Christensen Award

Given in the name of the founder of the first American Inn of Court, this award is  bestowed upon a member of an American Inn of Court who, at the local,  state, or national level has provided distinguished, exceptional and  significant leadership to the American Inns of Court movement. The  recipient exemplifies the qualities of leadership and commitment  displayed by Judge A. Sherman Christensen.

Judge Richard Linn, a past president and judicial counselor of the Giles S. Rich Inn of Court, is the 2011 recipient of the Christensen Award. His vision and guidance have led to the formation and continued success of 12 American Inns of Court in the last five years and to the innovative Linn Inn Alliance, which connects the now 16 intellectual property Inns nationwide.

Lewis F. Powell, Jr. Award for Professionalism and Ethics

This award is bestowed upon a person who has rendered exemplary service in the  areas of legal excellence, professionalism and ethics. Attorneys, judges, government officials, journalists, philanthropists or other community leaders may be recipients of the award.

Sandra Day O'Connor Award for Professional Service

The Sandra Day O'Connor Award honors an American Inn of Court member in practice ten or fewer years for excellence in public interest or pro bono activities.

Circuit Professionalism Awards

The American Inns of Court Professionalism Awards are awarded each year, on a
federal circuit basis, to a lawyer whose life and practice display sterling
character and unquestioned integrity, coupled with ongoing dedication to
the highest standards of the legal profession and the rule of law.

Warren E. Burger Writing Prize

This prize is a writing competition designed to encourage outstanding scholarship  that "promotes the ideals of excellence, civility, ethics and professionalism within the legal profession," the core mission of the American Inns of Court. The American Inns of Court invites judges, lawyers, professors, students, scholars, and other authors to participate in the competition by submitting an original, unpublished essay of 10,000 to 25,000 words on a

topic of their choice addressing issues of legal excellence, civility, ethics and professionalism. The author of the winning essay will receive a cash prize of $5,000 and the essay will be published in the South Carolina Law Review.

Achieving Excellence

The American Inns of Court recognizes individual Inns that achieve excellence  and make significant contributions in five core competencies:  Administration, Communications, Programs, Mentoring, and Outreach. 

In 2011, the Giles S. Rich Inn of Court achieved Platinum level status (the highest  level). In 2005, the Giles S. Rich won the Model of Excellence Award  and, in subsequent years, achieved Circle of Excellence Distinction. With  your help, we aim to achieve this status again this year.

American Inns of Court Program Awards

The annual Program Awards recognizes outstanding program development in local Inns
of Court.

American Inns of Court Best Special Project Award

The Best Special Project Award recognizes different activities outside the Inn's
monthly meeting, which allows Inns to promote the mission of the American Inns
of Court.