The Organizing Committee


The Cole-Davidson Inn would not be possible without its dedicated organizing committee!


The Committee was originally assembled in early 2022. The organizing committee’s mission will be accomplished once the Benchers adopt the bylaws, elect the officers, and establish the Inn’s governance on September 28, 2022.


Hon. Andrea M. Leahy, Chair

Harry S. Johnson, Esq., Membership Chair

Prof. Jose F. Anderson

Hon. Kevin F. Arthur

Hon. Gary E. Bair

Hon. Stuart R. Berger

Himedes V. Chicas, Esq.

Lauri E. Cleary, Esq.

John R. Grimm Esq.

Steven M. Klepper, Esq.

Ava E. Lias-Booker, Esq.

Natalie McSherry, Esq.

Gary O’Connor, Esq.

Hon. Rosalyn Tang

Trish Weaver, Esq.

Michael A. Wein, Esq.

Hon. E. Gregory Wells

Carrie J. Williams, Esq.

Brian Zavin, Esq.


*The organizing committee thanks Jack Karpinski, Esq. for his assistance in creating the Inn’s website.