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Overview of 2021-2022 programs

SEPTEMBER 23, 2021: Outdoor Kick-off Meet & Greet

Weather permitting, we will meet either on the Ulele lawn or in Water Works park to kick off our 2021-2022 year.  This will allow us to meet “together” and give new & returning students, attorneys, and judges the chance to interact and get to know one another safely. Members will get a quick overview of the upcoming Inn year’s structure, sign up to participate in mentoring or outreach programs, and will be able to ask any questions they may have.

OCTOBER 21, 2021: Vicarious Trauma &  Resulting Burnout—The Hidden Price of Our Repeat Exposure*

Witnessing the suffering of others can lead to existential struggles, changes in your world view, emotional barriers, and desensitization.  From working with victims, representing suffering clients, or the constant exposure to cases involving trauma and violence, we will all, at some point or another, feel the negative secondary effects of helping others.

Members will learn about vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, and burnout inherent in the practice of criminal law and widely experienced by practitioners and judges in this field.  This presentation will offer tips for coping and developing resilience skills to manage these problems and protect one’s emotional well-being. Members will also learn how to recognize these effects in co-workers and ways to offer help to those impacted by our field of work.

Plans are in the works to make this a joint program with the Goldburg-Cacciatore Criminal Inn, and this program will qualify for a mental health CLE credit.

NOVEMBER 18, 2021: The Real OA & Technology

This program is anticipated to be virtual.  Members will watch a live remote oral argument followed by a presentation on technology which will qualify for technology CLE credits.

JANUARY 20, 2022: Outdoor K9 Demonstration*

HCSO deputies & their K9 units will give various demonstrations highlighting K9 skills.

FEBRUARY 17, 2022: Let’s Get Ethical: Battle of the Offices*

In this program run by UT & Stetson students, the AAGs, PDs, and 2DCA staff attorneys and judges will compete against each other to see which team can answer the most professional responsibility questions correctly. This program will qualify for an ethics CLE credit.

APRIL 21, 2022: Escape Room Challenge*

Teams of attorneys, judges, and students will work together to complete legal puzzles and riddles in an Escape Room challenge. The first team to escape will be crowned victorious.


*October, January, February, and April programs are scheduled to be in person but we will re-evaluate this decision as necessary to keep our members safe.