I.     Mission Statement

The Thompson G. Marsh Inn of Court is a professional association of attorneys devoted to supporting excellence, civility, professionalism and ethics in the practice of law.  The Marsh Inn is patterned after, and enjoys kinship with, the English Inns of Court.  The English Inns and the Marsh Inn, while different from each other in detail, share professional ideals, standards, and a pride in advocacy, and attempt to engender these concepts as part of our common legal heritage.

The members of the Marsh Inn meet for dinner and a presentation once per month from September through May, and once in the summer for a social event.  The monthly dinner presentation may be on a subject related to legal practice, with special focus on improving legal skills; promoting civility, professionalism and ethical behavior in the practice of law; sharing insights into the judicial process; and exploring the role of attorneys in society.

The Marsh Inn is subdivided into small Groups.  Each Group comprises members from varying levels of practice, headed by a Group leader, pursuant to the Marsh Inn's Guidelines.  Responsibility for the monthly presentation and the summer social event rotates through each Group as provided in the Guidelines and determined by the Marsh Inn's Executive Committee.  After each presentation, all Inn members are welcomed to offer criticisms and discuss the presentation.

The Marsh Inn supports the larger American Inns of Court movement, and operates within the framework of that national organization.  The Inn also supports and cooperates with other Colorado Inns of Court to achieve their common goals.

II.     Officers and Procedures for Selection of Officers

The officers of the organization are President, President-elect, Treasurer, Program Chairperson and Secretary.  Presidents and Presidents-elect can serve only one term, which shall run from July 1 until June 30.  There will be a nominating Committee appointed by February 15.  It will be composed of the President, the Past President, and two members at large to be selected by the President.  The committee will solicit nominations at the March meeting and will present a slate of candidates for election at the April meeting by the membership.

A.     President - The President shall be responsible for calling and running meetings of the Executive Committee and the monthly dinner meetings.  The President is responsible for overseeing managing the budget, and shall have reasonable access to all financial records of the Inn.  The President shall receive copies of all banks statements, and shall be a co-signer on all disbursements of greater than $200, except for routine monthly payments for dinner meetings and payments of dues to National.  The President may appoint members of the Inn as committee chairpersons, who shall not thereby become members of the Executive Committee except for the Program Chairperson.

B.     President-elect - The President-elect shall assist the President as directed, and shall familiarize him- or herself with the financial and administrative affairs of the Inn, and be prepared to assume leadership at the beginning of his or her term.  The President-elect may co-sign checks requiring dual signatures, if the President or Treasurer is unavailable.

C.     Treasurer - The Treasurer shall draft an annual budget for presentation to the Executive Committee, issue dues notices, collect dues, maintain bank accounts and financial records, pay bills, ensure that all payments are in accordance with the budget or are otherwise authorized by the Executive Committee, and prepare financial statements.  The Treasurer has discretion to enter into installment payment arrangements for good cause shown.  In addition, the Treasurer is authorized, with the consent of the President, to waive or reduce the dues of individual members for good cause shown.  The identity of members who have requested or received dues waivers or reductions shall be kept confidential among the President, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer, except that perceived abuses of this authority may be brought to the attention of the Executive Committee.

D.     Program Chairperson - The Program Chairperson leads the program committee, which is composed primarily of representatives from each Group.  The Program Chairperson shall conduct regular meetings of the program committee.  In addition, the Program Chairperson shall consult with the Groups as necessary while they develop the details of their programs.

E.     Secretary - The Secretary shall keep minutes of the meetings of the Executive Committee, and shall serve as the Inn's historian.

III.     Composition and Meetings of the Executive Committee

The Marsh Inn Executive Committee includes the current year's officers, the immediate past president and three members at large.

The Executive Committee shall meet at least three times each term.  There shall be at least one meeting in the spring of each year, led by the President-elect, to plan the budget and schedule for programs in the following year.

Within the Executive Committee, there shall be a Membership Committee, which includes the President, Secretary, and the three members at large.   All applicants for membership to the Inn, including student applicants, must receive majority approval from the Membership Committee in order to become a member.

IV.     Membership Composition and Dues

A.     Masters of the Bench - Persons with at least 15 years of practice and all judges.  Dues for Masters of the Bench are $400.

B.     Barristers - Persons with 6 to 15 years of practice.  Dues for Barristers are $375.

C.     Counselor - Persons with 3 to 5 years of practice.  Dues for Counselors are $325.

D.     Associate - Persons with 0 to 2 years of practice.  Dues for Associates are $300.

E.     Pupil - Third year law students.  Dues for Pupils are $50

A member in good standing is an active member of the Marsh Inn, the dues of whom are current to the Marsh Inn.  Those members who fail to pay their dues on time will be given progressive warnings leading to expulsion from the Inn.

V.     Attendance Expectations

All members are expected to attend at least five of the eight monthly meetings.  Further, full attendance means staying until the meeting is concluded.

VI.     Groups

The Groups shall consist of a cross-section of the membership categories in the Inn.  The Executive Committee will select the group leaders and determine the composition of the groups to ensure balance.  The leader of each Group will be a judge unless there is a shortage of available judges.  However, judge-leaders are encouraged to use the talents and resources of their respective group members to plan and administer the activities of the Group.  Each Group should meet on a regular basis in addition to the dinner meeting of the Inn.

VII.     Types of Events

A.     Monthly meetings except during December and the summer months.  The schedule for the monthly meetings is:

5:45 p.m.         cocktails/social time

 6:30 p.m.         dinner

 7:30 p.m.         program

 8:30 p.m.         adjourn

B.     Summer Social - a social or community service event, with no program, intended to include the families of members.

C.     Joint meetings with other Inns as scheduled.

D.     Colorado reception for all Inn members, as scheduled.

All meetings are at the University Club, which is located at 1775 Sherman Street in Downtown Denver unless otherwise noted on calendar.