April 19, 2010 Roosevelt Inn Preliminary Injuctions Materials

Topic: Preliminary Injuctions

I. Hon. Timothy Driscoll, Supreme Court, Nassau County Commercial Division
II. Steven Leventhal
III. Michele Raphael
IV. Kevin Schlosser
V. Robert Zausmer

Special Presenters:  Henry Nguyen and Christine Price

March 18, 2010 Current Issues in Personal Injury Law Materials

Current Issues in Personal Injury Law

I. Products Liability 
II. Insurance Company an Medicare Liens
III. Ethics - Rules of Professional Conduct
IV. Serious Injury
V. Seminar Participants' Curricula Vitae and Resumes 

February 8, 2010 Bankruptcy Program Materials

1. Bankruptcy Origins [pdf]
2. Fact Pattern [pdf]
3. Business Bankruptcy Related Statutes [pdf]
4. Consumer Bankruptcy Related Material [pdf]
5. Matrimonial-Related Bankruptcy Material [pdf]
6. Creditor-Related Bankruptcy Material [pdf]
7. Tax-Related Bankruptcy Material [pdf]
8. Attorney Biographies and Student Resumes [pdf]

December 15, 2009 LGBT Program Materials 

1. Outline [pdf]
2. LGBT Equality - A Global Warning [pdf]
3. The Defense of Marriage Act [pdf]
4. Case Beth R. v Donna M. [pdf]
5. Case Hernandez v Robles [pdf]
6. Case Martinez v the County of Monroe [pdf]

November 16, 2009 Expert Witness Program Materials

1. Fact Pattern [pdf]
2. General Outline [pdf]
3. Outline State Civil [pdf]
4. Outline State Criminal [pdf]
5. Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 26 [pdf]
6. Kovel Case [pdf]
7. Federal Rule of Evidence 702 [pdf]
8. Federal Rule of Evidence 703 [pdf]
9. Federal Rule of Evidence 705 [pdf]
10. Case Law: Daubert, Kumho, Mejia, Vasquez [pdf]
11. Biographies: Andrew CurtoDouglas GoodIra WarshawskyKristen TruverMegan DiodatoMike AnnibalePeter TomaoJonathan Temchin

October 22, 2009  An Interactive Exploration of the New Rules of Professional Conduct Program  Materials

1. The Case of the Lying Witness [pdf]
2. Its Been a Privilege [pdf]
3. Risk and Reward [pdf]
4. NYSBA Ethics Opinion No. 831 [pdf]
5. Selected Rules of Conduct [pdf]
6. Chart Comparing Old and New Rules of Professional Conduct [pdf]
7. Final New York Rules of Professional Conduct with Comments [pdf]
8. New York Rules of Professional Conduct [pdf]
9. Biographies: BarshayCamhiGartnerJaegerPlatt