For the current by-laws of the Temple American Inn of Court, please see here.


Temple Inn Meetings

Regular meetings of the Inn are called by the Executive Committee at least six (6) times a year and are usually held on a regularly scheduled day of each month.  The main theme and subject matter of the regular meetings shall be the improvement of the practical legal skills of the membership with emphasis on legal ethics, civility, professionalism and overall excellence in lawyers.  The membership is divided into Pupilage teams comprised of Masters, Barristers, Associates and Law Students who prepare and present to the membership at each meeting a Program which demonstrates and explains the principles, skills, techniques and relationships involved in the courtroom and in activities preliminary to courtroom appearances.  These Programs and the critique and questioning from the members are all designed to assist members in better discharging their duties to clients and society.

Temple Inn Membership

Membership in the Temple American Inn of Court is limited to no more than one hundred twenty-five  (125) members.  Membership in the Inn shall be for one (1) year terms, which may be renewed by invitation.  Active membership is divided into six (6) classifications:

Masters:  Include up to fifty-five (55) Judges, lawyers, and law school educators with a minimum of sixteen (16) years trial or appellate experience and who have demonstrated superior character, ability and competence as trial or appellate advocates.  At least twenty (20) Active Masters shall be practicing lawyers.

Masters Emeritus: May be conferred by the Executive Committee upon active Masters on the basis of long and distinguished service to the Inn.  Emeritus Masters shall be under no obligation to pay dues, attend meetings or participate in other programs of the Inn but shall enjoy all privileges of Active Membership except the right to vote.  Such status shall be for the life of the member if so desired.  The roster of Emeritus Members shall not count against the target membership number of the Inn.  Any person granted Emeritus status as a Master may again be invited to serve in an active capacity.

Barristers:  Include up to thirty-five (35) lawyers who have been members of the Bar for at least six (6) and no more than fifteen (15) years and who have demonstrated good character and a desire to improve and refine their skills as trial and appellate advocates.

Associates: Include up to twenty-five (25) recent law school graduates who have been admitted to the practice of law for no more than five (5) years.

Pupils: Include up to ten (10) students in their final year of law school at Temple University James E. Beasley School of Law and shall be for one (1) year.

Alumni: May be conferred by the Executive Committee upon an individual who has been a Master of the Inn for ten (10) consecutive years.  Alumni members will have the option, but not the requirement, to attend Inn meetings and functions. Alumni members are not required to participate on a Pupilage Team or Special Committee; however they may do so upon request. The roster of Alumni members shall not count against the numerical limits of other active Temple American Inn of Court members as specified in the By-Laws.

Membership is open to all qualified individuals.  Our Chapter's members are drawn from Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, Delaware, and Chester counties.  The membership reflects the rich diversity of the bench and bar in this area and includes attorneys who represent Plaintiffs and Defendants in civil cases, prosecutors and criminal defense counsel, State and Federal court practitioners, trial and appellate counsel, solo practitioners, members of large and small firms, government lawyers, corporate counsel, law professors and Judges.

Selection of Temple Inn Members

At the conclusion of each year, the Membership Committee shall make recommendations to the Executive Committee with respect to the membership in the Inn. The Membership Committee shall consider recommendations for new Inn members made by members of the Inn and shall also actively seek to identify potential members who will best serve the Inn and its ideals and objectives, while at the same time broadening and diversifying the membership of the Inn.

At the commencement of the Inn year, the Membership Committee considers all applications for new and renewed membership for submission to the Executive Committee. Membership shall be conferred upon those accepting invitations extended by the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee's discretion in extending invitations to membership is absolute and nonreviewable.

Membership shall not exceed one hundred and twenty five (125) persons. Applicants are selected in such a manner to ensure diversity (in type of practice, in sex, in race and in firm affiliation) in the membership of the Inn.

With respect to the Student Members, the Membership Committee shall solicit the recommendations of the Law School Liaison. The Inn requests that pupils be recommended for membership by their professors based upon their academic performance and participation in extracurricular activities, having also demonstrated an active interest in the ethical and professional practice of law.

Temple Inn Annual Membership Dues

Annual Dues are structured as follows, depending on membership category:

Alumni (Option after 10 consecutive years as a Master)

Private Sector - $625.00 Public Sector - $375.00

Master (16 years or more in practice)

Private Sector - $625.00 Public Sector - $375.00

Barrister (More than 6 years but less than 16 years in practice)

Private Sector - $425.00 Public Sector - $375.00

Associate (Less than 6 years in practice)

Private Sector - $325.00 Public Sector - $275.00

Voluntary contributions are accepted from Emeritus members, with a suggested donation of $375. The funds raised by the dues defray the Inn's operating expenses, including catering costs for the monthly meeting, CLE costs and the national dues paid to the AIC Foundation. Dues statements are typically mailed in July and prompt payment is expected.

Financial assistance is available. Inquiries concerning same will be kept confidential. All questions pertaining to dues should be addressed with the Chapter's Treasurer, Steve Tornone.

Temple Inn Attendance Policy

Attendance at the monthly meetings is mandatory since the success of our Inn depends upon attendance and active participation at each meeting. The By-Laws of the Temple American Inn of Court provide that any members who fails to attend three (3) of more meetings in any one (1) year, may be removed from membership in the Inn.

Three (3) unexcused absences during a program year will be deemed to be a resignation from the Inn at all membership levels unless the Executive Committee waives the provision, for good cause.

Members who are unable to attend a particular meeting must inform the Inn Administrator(s), in writing, prior to the meeting of the reason for the intended absence. Absences without advance written notice are considered to be unexcused.

Attendance will be taken at each meeting. Each member must "sign in" on the monthly attendance sheet.

Attendance is also required at each team meeting and an attendance record may be kept by the Team Leader. Team members are entitled to one (1) unexcused absence.