The Chapter's members are divided into at least six (6) teams. The Executive Committee selects the team members and ensures that each team includes Masters, Barristers, Associates and Pupils. Each team is asked to choose their program topic as early as possible and notify the Program Chair of same.

The teams shall choose their own meeting places and times to prepare their program. Each team has a designated "Team Leader" who is responsible for scheduling the team meetings and keeping an attendance record of each team member's participation in the planning of the program.

Each team must prepare and present of the Chapter's programs. The team's responsibilities include:

  • (1) selecting a topic;
  • (2) choosing a format most likely to present the chosen topic in an interesting and concise manner;
  • (3) preparing and copying for distribution any written materials required for CLE compliance programs; and
  • (4) choosing the venue or forum to present their program.

The Team leader of each group is responsible for preparation of an AIC Demonstration Report which is submitted to the American Inns of Court Foundation (AIC) for inclusion in the National Program Library. The programs shall be structured to elicit audience participation and to foster general discussion.

The purpose of the teams is to provide Inn members an opportunity to become better acquainted with other lawyers practicing in our legal community and with members of the bench. The teams are the main component of the Inn's mentoring activities. The diversity of each member assigned to each team is intended to build an inter-generational relationship that encourages open personal discussion of matters of practice, ethics, civility and all other aspects of the practice of law. Accordingly, Masters being the most experienced members of the teams are encouraged to pass on the best of the practice of law to the less experienced members.

Although it is not necessary for every member of the team to have a speaking role in the program, everyone must contribute whether it be researching the topic, writing or designing the program, designing a set or exhibits or program materials, all ensuring that the program is instructive and interesting.