Temple American Inn of Court

Team Leader Checklist
2023-2024 Term


Guidance on Topics / Programming

  • Start brainstorming with team members as soon as practicable and ideally about 2-3 months before the program, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE
  • Topics should be timely and apolitical to the extent possible; there has been recent feedback that programming has been too overtly political and we should strive for legal issues of interest to the Inn
  • Topics should be interesting and make the audience think about an important topic or a timely update on an important legal issue; the best programs leave the audience talking on the way out the door about the issues presented by the presentation
  • Consider having multi-media, video, and guest presenters in addition to the traditional skit / vignette format
  • Delegate tasks within the team and make members responsible for different parts of the program; the best programs have buy-in and participation from the greatest number of team members
  • In-person meetings are most productive and consider having them weekly in the lead up to the program
  • Have social events within the team other than program planning!


Location Checklist

  • Your budget is $2000 for EVERYTHING, including food, beverages, event space, etc.
  • Locate a venue and confirm said venue with the Inn Administrator, Amey Park (apark@bm.net).
    • FREE venues are highly encouraged, as our budget is constrained.
    • If you are requesting money to book a venue, please contact the Inn Treasurer, Steve Tornone (stornone@donors1.org), BEFORE booking the venue. Our budget may not allow for us to pay for a venue.
    • Your venue should be ADA accessible.
  • Set up caterer and buy alcoholic beverages
    • DiBruno Brothers has become quite expensive, so we encourage using other caterers.
    • We recommend the following caterers:
      • 12th Street Catering, contact Kara Rivers, krivers@12stcatering.com
      • Hart of Catering & Café, contact Kevin Hart, kevin@thehartofcatering.com
    • We use drop-off catering, so you will need to make sure that you do the following:
      • Order plates, napkins, silverware, and cups
      • Have someone at the venue early to receive the catering
      • Have team members prepared to clean up the catering following the program
    • If you need assistance ordering food, please reach out to Melanie Foreman (mjforeman@mdwcg.com), Amey Park (apark@bm.net), or Steve Tornone (STornone@donors1.org).
    • Follow-up with the caterer a few days before your program to ensure delivery and that paper products are included.
    • We recommend ordering for approximately 40 – 50 individuals.
    • Teams will be responsible for buying alcoholic beverages within their $2000 budget. We suggest spending $250 on alcoholic beverages.
    • Don’t forget to order non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Contact Jason Novak at jnovak@us.veritext.com to video tape the program.


CLE Checklist

45 days prior to your program, send the following information to Kelly Conway (e.kelly.conway@gmail.com) and Sam Weinstock (sweinstock@cslattorneys.com).  Failing to send this information in a timely fashion will affect the ability of the entire Inn to receive CLE credits.

  • Course Title
  • Course Date and Time
  • Course City and State
  • 500-character course description
  • Any supporting materials
  • If you are requesting Ethics, please designate the program as such. You will need to justify the Ethics credit via the following guidelines:
    • Ethics and/or professional responsibility courses or segments of courses are devoted to (1) the substance, underlying rationale, and the practical application of the Rules of Professional Conduct; (2) the professional obligations of the attorney to the client, the court, the public, and other lawyers; or (3) substance abuse and its effects on lawyers and the practice of law. BCLE Reg. 103:1(k).


Post-Presentation Checklist

  • Within 7 days after your program, submit all materials required by National to Laura Persun (lpersun@creditacceptance.com)
  • Retain bios of your team members in the event we are audited in the future.
  • Report to the Inn Membership Co-Chairs, Yvette Cooper (yvette.cooper@usaa.com), Maria Janoski (mjanoski@janoski-law.com), and Brooke Kravitz (bkk@sheinlaw.com), regarding team members that were especially helpful and team members who were non-participatory.


Networking and Developing of Professional Relationships

  • Hold team meetings in person (if possible)
  • Throughout the year, organize/host other in-person get-togethers with the team (team lunch, meetings for coffee, team happy hour)
    • The goal is to encourage consistent networking and mentoring opportunities throughout the year (that supplement substantive team meetings and the monthly meetings), including after your team presents its monthly program


  • Encourage team members to participate in day-of-service activities