2021-2022 TERM  

President:  Tim Stengel, Esquire
Vice President:  Judge Christopher Mallios
Treasurer:  Melanie Foreman, Esquire
Counselors:  Michael Shaffer, Esquire and Judge Patricia McInereny
Inn Administrator:  Stephen Tornone, Esquire
Immediate Past President:  Judge Sheila Woods-Skipper
Membership Chairs:  Brooke Kravitz, Esquire, Yvette Cooper, Esquire, and Buzz Carobus, Esquire
Programming:  Leigh Ann Buziak, Esquire and Judge M. Teresa Sarmina
Recorders:  Michele Miller, Esquire and Maria Janoski, Esquire
CLE:  Amey Park, Esquire and Justin Cupples, Esquire
Web Master/Technology:  Andrew Wellbrock, Esquire
Community Engagement and Outreach:  Joel Michel, Esquire and Stephanie Kosta, Esquire
Joint Programs/Special Events:  Adam Pantano, Esquire and Michael Shaffer, Esquire
Law School Liason:  Danielle Schweiloch, Esquire
Ambassador to the American Inns of Court: Paul Weiner, Esquire
Ambassador to the International Inns:  Anthony Haller, Esquire
Diversity Committee Chair:  Rachel Gallegos, Esquire
Mentoring:  Michael Gaier, Esquire, Hank Delacato, Esquire, and Susan Verbonitz, Esquire
Recruitment:  Judge Annette Rizzo
Public Relations: Colin Saltry, Esquire
Archivist: H. Theresa Glinksi, Esquire