Tampa Bay Inn of Court Executive Committee 

The Executive Committee of the Tampa Bay Inn of Court consists of the following officers: President, President-Elect, Counselor, Treasurer, Secretary, Parliamentarian, and Executive Director. The officers are selected from among the Masters by a vote of a majority of the Masters present at a meeting noticed for that purpose. However, the Executive Director serves at the pleasure of the President and Executive Committee.

The annual election of officers occurs at the mid-year Masters' meeting. Officers take office on July 1 of each year. Former counselors remain as non-voting members of the Executive Committee.

Duties of the Tampa Bay Inn of Court Officers

1. Overall leader/representative of the Inn
2. Presides at programs and carries out policies of the Masters
3. Creates committees and approves chairs of committees as is necessary
4. Chair of Executive Committee

1. Prior year's President, who assists and works with current President and Executive Committee to ensure continuity
2. Chair of nominating Committee
A. Receives, reviews , and coordinates all membership applications
B. Attends membership selection conference with other Inns
3. Chair of officers' slate committees
A. Selects slate of officers for the following year
B. Presents slate of officers to Masters
4. Chair of awards committee
5. Member of Executive Committee

1. Chairs Program Committee
A. Assigns program topics and date to each Master/Judge (before first meeting)
B. Ensures that each program qualifies for a Continuous Legal Education ("CLE") credit
C. Coordinates with Secretary to obtain CLE from The Florida Bar
2. Assists President
3. Becomes President the following year
4. Member of Executive Committee

1. Handles finances of the Inn
A. Sends dues statement (before first meeting)
B. Collects all dues (before second meeting)
C. Pays all bills of the Inn in timely fashion
2. Assists President
3. Member of Executive Committee

1. Sends out all notices (including meeting notes)
2. Records all meetings and other events, and maintains minutes
3. Maintains membership information data
4. Publishes Membership Handbook and Directory Annually
5. Assists President
6. Ensures Parliamentarian duties are accomplished
7. Member of Executive Committee

1. Obtains continuing legal education ("CLE") credit for members (works with President-Elect and Secretary)
2. Takes attendance at meetings
3. Enforces attendance policy
4. Prepares and maintains name tags for each meeting
5. Enforces bylaws
6. Assists Secretary
7. Becomes Secretary the following year
8. Obtains awards (pursuant to Counselor's request)
9. Member of Executive Committee

Executive Director
1. Assists Executive Committee, officers, and committees to ensure continuity and that the Inn functions in an efficient and effective manner
2. Serves at the pleasure of the President/Executive Committee
3. Member of the Executive Committee