2024‒2025 | Legal Ethics in a Polarized World

The Inn achieved Gold Level status for 2024–2025.


• The Role of Lawyers in Ensuring Electoral Integrity (September 11)
• Legal Ethics in the Age of Misinformation (or: The Legal Implications of Deepfakes) (October 9)
• Judicial Ethics and Political Pressure: Maintaining Impartiality (November 13)
• Agreeing to Disagree: Engaging Civilly on Challenging Topics (January TBD)
• The Ethics of Whistleblowing and Public Interest Disclosures (February 12)
• Ethical Challenges in Representing Unpopular Clients or Causes (March 12)
• Mental Health & Wellness for Lawyers during Divisive Times (Alternate Topic)
• Maintaining the Rule of Law When You Disagree with the Law (Alternate Topic)
• Protecting the Right to Protest: Legal and Ethical Considerations (Alternate Topic)