[UMBRACO TIP: One of the major benefits of belonging to an Inn of Court is the opportunity for a personal mentoring relationship with fellow Inn members. Including information about your Inn's mentoring program is a great way to attract potential members and remind current members of the Inn's value.]




How It Works

At the beginning of every Inn year, members are assigned to one of six pupillage teams. Each team is comprised of members from each membership category and includes at least one judge. Pupillage teams are responsible for creating and presenting one program during the Inn year. Teams sit together at dinner and team leaders are charged with organizing at least two pupillage team get-togethers per year. Informal mentoring takes place within the context of each pupillage team.

Additionally, any members who are interested can be paired with a mentee or a mentor. Members indicate their interest in either role (or both) on the end-of-year membership satisfaction survey, and new members are asked upon acceptance if they would like to participate.