Salmon P. Chase Inn of Court 2017/2018 Schedule

2017-2018 Calendar/Programs

o    September 21, 2017 - Prof. Steve Rachlinski, Cornell Law School (Judge Wehrman)

o    October 17, 2017 - Pupilage Group - Judge Allison Jones

o    November 16, 2017 - Hon. David Frederick - Highlights and Lowlights of Oral Advocacy

o    January 16, 2018 - Joint Meeting with Cincinnati Stuart Potter Inn of Court                                                              Jennifer Lawrence with The Lawrence Firm Speaking on Effective                                                Cross-Examination

o    February 22, 2018 - Pupilage Group - Practicing a case as it progresses to trial, including                                              adjustor/mediator 

o    March 22, 2018 - Pupilage Group - Tribute to Judge Bertelsman - Judge Joy Kramer

o    April 18, 2018 - Chase Law School Presentation

o    May 15, 2018 - Tribute to Justice Wintersheimer - Justice Michelle Keller

September 2018:  "Liability Medicare Set Asides:  A Disconnect Between the Plaintiff's Bar                                  and Insurance Industry"  - B. Josh Pettingill, MBA, MS, MSCC

October 2018:      "Civility and Professionalism at the U.S. Supreme Court."                                                               - Benjamin Beaton, Esq.

November 2018:  "Modern Day Computer Forensics"                                                                                               - Fort Mitchell Chief of Police Andew Schierberg, Esq. and Kenton County                                          Detective Jerry Downs

January 2019:    Law & The Media:  Maintaining Your Integrity                                                                               - Rikki Klieman, Esq.

February 2019:    Disclosures-When a Lie is A Lie", "Supervisory Lawyer-Do's" and "Dealing                                     with an Unrepresented Party" - Presented by Pupilage Group 2