The Richard S. Rodney Inn is committed to both personal and professional diversity. Read more about the American Inns of Court Diversity Policy here

In addition to the American Inns of Court Diversity Policy, the Rodney Inn supports diversity in the following ways:

The Rodney Inn promotes the Diversity Policy in the following ways:

1. The Rodney Inn includes a link on its webpage (/formembers/
inns/the-richard-s-rodney-american-inn-of-court.aspx) to the Diversity
2. The Rodney Inn's Executive Committee members are nominated and elected,
among other factors, based upon diversity enrichment and leadership.
3. The Rodney Inn provides discounted membership rates for public sector
employees and law students and encourages membership by these groups.
4. The Rodney Inn's community outreach programs are aimed at diverse segments
of its community.
5. The Rodney Inn also expands upon the Diversity Policy by incorporating gender
identity, gender expression and socioeconomic diversity in its policy.